Saturday, April 26, 2014

Introducing David Kimball Anderson and Loy Davis Martin

Loy Davis Martin, David Kimball Anderson
Chef David Kinch recently invited artist David Kimball Anderson and designer/craftsman Loy Davis Martin to create new pieces for the restaurant. The wooden chargers located on every table in the restaurant are the work of the Palo Alto-based Loy Davis Martin. He created more than 25 unique chargers, each made from a different domestic or exotic wood including Zebrawood, Pink Ivory, and Desert Ironwood. No two chargers are alike and each has its own story based on where the wood was sourced.

Artist David Kimball Anderson was commissioned by Chef Kinch to install a series of sculptures at the restaurant. Titled “The Manresa Seasons,” the sculpture will change each season. Anderson lives in Santa Cruz and his work is exhibited both nationally and internationally. “The Manresa Seasons” sculptures are available for purchase exclusively though Manresa.