Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kathryn Kennedy Winery

Kathryn Kennedy is a pioneering female in the history of California wine making. Her wine is one of the first in the world to bear a woman’s name. Her location is unusual too–Saratoga. Much like David Kinch she chose the Santa Cruz Mountains to fulfill her vision.

After selling fruit to Mount Eden Vineyards for two years, she established her own winery in 1979. From 1979 to 1988 Kathryn’s tiny winery produced some of the most coveted California Cabernet Sauvignon. Today her son Marty Mathis continues the legacy that his mother started. ”Having been born here and having farmed the ground for over 40 years," says Mathis, "I developed a deep love of this small piece of land.”

At Manresa we feature Santa Cruz Mountains wineries on our wine list, both old and new: Kathryn Kennedy Estate, Mount Eden Vineyards, Ridge Vineyards, Varner and Windy Oaks Estate to name a few.

I am honored to live and work in a place with so much groundbreaking history. —Jeff Bareilles, Beverage Director