Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's Spring Fever

Bordeaux spinach at Love Apple Farm
It's springtime at the gardens of Love Apple Farm and Cynthia Sandberg with her crew of dedicated farmers, is growing the best biodyamic vegetables for Manresa. This spring white beets, cheddar cheese cauliflower, and fava beans with their tender shoots and flowers are abundant, and the luscious Bordeaux spinach, young red Russian kale, and New Zealand spinach are filling their well-tended beds. All of the fresh, green shoots of sunflower, amaranth, and pea flourish here, as well as the beautiful edible flowers of calendula, viola, arugula and Usui pea blossoms. You'll find Love Apple Farm's biodynamic produce served only at Manresa, but you can learn to grow vegetables like these by attending Cynthia's how-to gardening classes this spring.