Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Manresa's 10th Anniversary

Clockwise from top left: Michael Cimarusti, John Shields, Karen Shields, Carlo Mirarchi

Someone asked me the other day, “Do you look back?” With Manresa’s tenth anniversary just weeks away, it has definitely been a time of reflection. But the truth is, I haven’t really looked back on anything. We’ve always tried to move ahead whether it was the menu, wine program, or a big step, like the renovation and bar program that added a new dimension and level of comfort to the restaurant.

This July, we wanted to celebrate but felt one night just wasn’t enough. We are excited to host three “Cooking with Friends” dinners during the week and bring back some of Manresa’s alum for the weekend. I’m really excited to welcome some amazing colleagues from around the country for the “Cooking with Friends” dinners. Each night will be a different and unique experience, with Manresa offering new dishes each evening to complement the guest chefs’ dishes.

Michael Cimarusti from Los Angeles’ Providence will join me in the kitchen on Wednesday, July 11. Michael is not only an amazing California chef, but he is a great friend. I’ve never had the opportunity to cook with him and am excited to be in the kitchen together. I am really looking forward to welcoming John and Karen Shields, formerly of Town House in Chilhowie, Virginia, on Thursday, July 12. I’ve been impressed with their values and what I’ve seen them do in Virginia. Finally, my great friend Carlo Mirarchi of Roberta’s in Brooklyn will join me in the kitchen on Friday. He continues to expand the possibilities of American cuisine and I’m looking forward to collaborating with him.

The week of Manresa’s anniversary will be something truly special. While I’m sure it will be filled with a lot of “I remember when…” stories, we’ll all be looking ahead, planning what’s next. We look forward to celebrating with you. —David Kinch

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