Friday, January 19, 2007

Alain Passard

The Alain Passard Dinners
With great pleasure, Manresa welcomes Chef Alain Passard of the Michelin three-star L’Arpège in Paris. Alain Passard has accepted a personal invitation from David Kinch to come to Manresa as the guest chef for three special evenings in March. French master chef Passard has reinvented haute cuisine by shifting his attention to vegetables that he grows for L'Arpège at his potagers or kitchen gardens outside of Paris. Chefs Kinch and Passard share an affinity for growing the finest quality vegetables for their restaurants.

Chef Kinch grows his vegetables with Cynthia Sandberg at Love Apple Farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains and they
have been anticipating Passard's visit by planting the Manresa garden to coincide with the Passard Dinners. The planting areas of the farm have been increased, and Manresa has invested in an impressive new hoophouse, a large protective structure which will allow tender vegetables to grow earlier, and later, in the season. David and Cynthia look forward to showing the Manresa garden to Passard and selecting vegetables, which will be featured on the menu for these extraordinary dinners.

Please join us for the Alain Passard Dinners on March 9, 10 and 11.
Open seating begins at 6:30.
Space is limited and parties must be kept to a maximum of four guests.
The Passard Dinners are $285 per person, exclusive of tax and gratuity.
Wine pairing is $95. Premium wine pairing is $195.
Corkage is $50 for the first 750 ml bottle, $75 for each additional 750 ml bottle.
Gentlemen are requested to wear coat and tie.
Please call Manresa at 408-354-4330 for reservations.

Kinch and Passard together in the kitchen. Photos are courtesy of Chez Pim.