Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our New Gem

Welcome to the new Manresa. We are pleased to debut a fresh, new look following a renovation which includes the addition of new dining areas, a wine cellar and a bar and lounge space. In addition to changes in the design, we are introducing a new cocktail program for the first time in our 9-year history.

“The driving idea behind the new design is to add pleasure to the overall dining experience,” David Kinch notes. “Just like with the food we serve, we want the atmosphere of the restaurant to evoke the beauty of the location, and to be a memorable ingredient in its own right.”

Kinch worked with Bay Area-based Sterry Architecture and Sunny Hills Studio to create a new and welcoming space. In collaboration with Kinch, the design team looked for inspiration from the garden, art, and food. The new color palette comes from the natural beauty of the area and is inspired by the Santa Cruz Mountains and the ocean. Earth tones such as driftwood, sand, and fog serve as the major hues, while cream and Maplewood accents add contrast and sparkle to the space.

A new entrance leads guests to the rear of the building along a walkway sheltered by an arbor that terminates near a Japanese-inspired garden. The former entrance to Manresa has been converted into a walk-in wine cellar–an exciting addition to our award-winning wine program.

The new amenities are an enduring commitment to the comfort of our guests, and the timeless pleasure of gathering around the table. We hope that you enjoy our new gem.
Photo by Michael David Rose