Saturday, February 02, 2013

"Candy Cap Punch" Cocktail Recipe

Try this artisanal cocktail infused with candy cap mushrooms from Jeff Bareilles, Manresa's Wine and Beverage Director.

Candy Cap Punch
3 ounces candy cap mushroom infusion (below)
1 bottle (750ml) of dry lightly sparkling white wine such as Colline Savonesi Lumassina Frizzante produced by Tommaso Ruffino & Family Lumassina in Punta Crena, Italy

• In a punch bowl combine 1 bottle of sparkling white wine and 3 ounces of candy cap mushroom infusion, lightly stir and pour into punch glasses or Champagne coups.

Candy Cap Mushroom Infusion
450 grams cane sugar
675 grams granulated sugar
1000 grams water
212 grams glucose syrup
300 grams fresh candy cap mushrooms or 150 grams dried candy cap mushrooms
• Combine and whisk cane sugar, granulated sugar, water and glucose syrup in a large pot bring to a boil. Then add candy cap mushrooms remove from heat and let cool. Strain and refrigerate.